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When Hurricane Matthew hit the southern part of Haiti, we felt the need to step in and help those families who have been badly affected by the hurricane. We reached out to our community to ask for donations, and the community responded overwhelmingly with mostly of used clothes and shoes.

 Thanks to the community donations, on April 4, 2017, we went to Haiti to get donations out to those in needs and yet there are people still living in the worse conditions ever, no food to eat and still living in tents. We've promised them we would come back in summer 2017 to bring dry food for them such as rice, bean, spaghetti, oil, sugar, flour etc. We highly depend on generous donors like you to help us deliver on our promise.

We hope that you will help support our efforts to serve those families in Haiti who is desperately waiting for help. Please click below on the Donate button to donate any amount. Your donations will help someone who is in hunger happy and we thank you for your support may God bless you.

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We served more than 500 people

We donated bags clothes out

Triad Haitian Community Association is an organization. that was formed to serve the community through social, cultural and more. Our goal and mission are to bring everyone together to solve problems and build a brighter future.

IN Chadonniere AUX CAYES April 5, 2017

            Your Generosity Gift will put a smile on someone face.

IN Dame-Marie, Jeremie on April 6, 2017

Our trip to Haiti in April 2017, the families who affacted by hurricane  Matthew still desperate for help.